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  • KAWAMOTO ENT CLINIC, was opened in Amagasaki in February 10th 2016. We treat ear, nose and throat diseases as well as snore, sleep apnea and allergic diseases. We actively offer specialized treatment such as nose, sinus and ear day-surgery which need high technology.


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Kohei Kawamoto, M.D., Ph.D.

Kohei Kawamoto●Director of KAWAMOTO ENT CLINIC

●Part-time Lecturer of Kansai Medial University

●Japanese Society of Otolaryngology specialist

●Japanese Society of Allergology specialist

●Intractable disease designated physician


address 661-0979 Hyogo Amagasaki Kamisakabe 1-4-1.
phone 06-6494-8700

It is located in the 2nd floor of supermarket「MANDAI」. Tsukaguchi in Amagasaki city is 30 minutes from Kobe and 10 minutes from Osaka with good access.Direction

  • Direction
  • Direction

by train

  • JR Tukaguchi station is 10 minutes from JR Osaka station
  • 3 minutes walk from JR Tukaguchi station
  • 15 minutes walk from Hnakyu Tukaguchi station

by car

Please use the parking lot of the supermarket (223 parking lots). You can enter the clinic directly from the 2nd floor parling lot.

Opening hours

Medical time Mon Tue Wed Thr Fri Sat Sun

●…clinical services


You can reserve the specifying date and time of the consultation. This survice is a system you can get a consultation reservation two weeks ahead from the phone or the internet.

The first visitor can also use the reservation system.

reception time by phone AM: 8:30~12:00, PM: 15:30~19:00
reception time by internet 24 hours

Reservation notes

  • It is a time frame reservation of 15 minute interval. We will consult in order from the patinet who came earlier within the time frame.
  • Please call us if you can not make a reservation when you wish to have surgery, have a letter from doctor, first visit or wish to see a doctor with your family.
  • If you can not make in time for reservation, it will be canceled so please come to the clinic prior of the time.
  • Multiple reservations are not possible.
  • Please note that if you cancel without permission several times, this system will not accept you after that.
  • Consultation time may be delayed due to correspondence of severe patient. Thanks for your understanding.

How to reserve?

by internet https://kawamoto-jibika.mdja.jp/
by phone 06-6494-8700 (AM: 8:30~12:00, PM: 15:30~19:00)
by QR codeqr qr


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Please look at about DAY SURGERY of the KAWAMOTO ENT CLINIC (Japanese)

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